The Platform

Free the world from cables with WiGig

Peraso’s 60 GHz WiGig Platform

In the wireless infrastructure market, the 60 GHz band is viewed as a primary technology choice for small cell backhaul and wireless internet service providers. Peraso offers various 60 GHz products and solutions that can provide carriers with viable, cost effective options to traditional backhaul methods.

In the consumer electronics and mobile device space, 60 GHz IEEE 802.11ad solutions offer wireless USB3.0 speed links with enormous improvements to power efficiency, maximizing battery life.

Platform Components:


Peraso's multi-direction arrays provide full omni coverage for compact form-factors.

Radio IC:

Peraso is one of a select few chipset vendors with commercial chips compliant with 802.11ad.


Wi-Fi CERTIFIED WiGig™ allows data transfer at speeds 5x that of 802.11ac.

Baseband IC:

WiGig basebands can accommodate more than one RF chip, enabling a robust field of coverage.