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Peraso Looks to Provide the Connectivity Needed in a Wireless VR World

"Utilizing the 60 GHz band, the company says it boasts high speed connectivity and 'super low' latency required for a viable solution. So not a wireless add-on, but focusing on the system infastructure needed to power it."

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Toward a bigger, faster, denser Wi-Fi world

“WiGig will be essentially ubiquitous to Wi-Fi, that all the devices out there that are Wi-Fi capable will over time be WiGig-capable.”

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CES 2017: Peraso | Into Tomorrow

“Dave Graveline from Into Tomorrow chats with Brad Lynch about Peraso's WiGig standard and how it is a faster alternative to WiFi for wireless displays, VR, and more.”

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802.11ay Wi-Fi: “It’s going to be a very scalable spec”

“Peraso Technologies, one of the early players in 802.11ad (WiGig) gigabit wireless networking, is also readying for enhanced Wi-Fi technology called 802.11ay that promises higher speeds and greater reach.”

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