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Staff Millimeter-Wave/RFIC Design Engineer

Posted on January 14, 2020

Description and Responsibilities:

Peraso Technologies, Inc. is seeking an experienced Staff mm-Wave/RFIC Design Engineer responsible for the development of complex circuits from DC to 80 GHz to be used in fully integrated millimeter-wave (mm-wave) transceivers. The successful candidate must have hands-on experience designing several of the following circuits:

High-frequency (>10 GHz) front end: LNA, PA, modulator, mixer, LC-VCO, frequency divider/multiplier, switch, filter and phase shifter.

Mixed Signal: PLL/DLL, ADC, DAC, VGA/AGC

The candidate must also be skilled in the design and modeling of custom inductors, baluns, hybrids, transformers, and transmission lines.

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Develop high-performance RFIC blocks for mm-wave transceivers using Cadence tools.
  • Understand mm-wave transceiver specifications and translate them into circuit-level specifications. Excellent problem solving and analytical skills are essential.
  • Design and verification of calibration algorithms such as DC cancelation, VCO setting, LO rejection, IQ gain, and phase mismatch. Use of internal ADC/DAC for digitally controlled loops.
  • Proficient in Spice-like block level simulation (Spectre, Goldengate) for linear, non-linear, and noise analysis. 3D EM simulation experience is a plus.
  • Execute physical layout of all circuits and have a thorough understanding of all layout requirements.
  • Participate in IC assembly, SOC verification and lab evaluation.
  • Design of 60 GHz front-end circuits and Gigahertz-bandwidth baseband circuits in SiGe BiCMOS and deep sub-micron CMOS.
  • Design of 60 GHz power detectors and DC offset DACs for TX LO leakage minimization.
  • Passive 60 GHz power splitter/combiner design for multi-element phased arrays.
  • Passive device design, characterization, and modeling (TLs, inductors, and capacitors).
    Development of digital pre-distortion and IQ calibration techniques for enhanced 60 GHz TX EVM
  • Present and participate in regular design reviews.
  • Prepare and maintain project documentation including general specification, circuit description, and evaluation reports.


  • M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering or related field. Ph.D. is highly desired.
  • 6+ years of design experience in transistor-level RFIC circuit design including both state-of-the-art deep sub-micron CMOS and BiCMOS technologies; III-V experience could be considered.
  • Experience at or above K-band is highly desired.
  • Experience with Verilog-A/AMS and Matlab for system modeling and verification is an asset
  • Experience with high volume IC manufacturing is a plus.
  • Hands-on experience with high-speed test equipment and bench test skills.
  • Ability to take on tasks outside area of expertise.
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