Private Networks

Highly secure 5G networks for enterprise and industry

High reliability, predictable performance and built-in security

Current Issue:

  • Corporations and agencies need mission-critical reliability and cannot afford security breaches of wireless network


  • Private enterprise such as manufacturing, health care, and power plants
  • Public entities including airports and national defense infrastructure


  • Limited propagation of mmWave wireless signals outside structures
  • Continuous RF beam forming with narrow beams makes signal sniffing exceedingly difficult
  • Predictable performance with consistently high data rates and low latency

5G has seen a marked increase in the implementation of private networks. Private 5G networks offer considerably more robust security offerings as they need not be connected to the larger telecom network, and hence are attractive to companies with very high security requirements such as power plants, manufacturing and health care. Private 5G networks are also highly customizable and hence can be built to exact company specifications as opposed to having to select from telco offerings, and ensures data is maintained internally. 5G NR mmWave provides an added layer of security with such features as limited signal scattering, narrow beamwidth and dynamic RF beamforming.