Enhanced Mobile Broadband

Meeting the increasing demands of mobility today

mmWave provides greater capacity in high demand locations

Current Issue:

  • Wireless demand is increasing exponentially
  • Carriers cannot meet wireless demand in densely populated areas
  • Existing sub-6GHz capacity cannot provide necessary capacity


  • Carriers can offer coverage in high demand locations such as sports stadiums, airports and concerts


  • Ample mmWave bandwidth provides users with uninterrupted service

It is currently estimated (Mobile Experts: March, 2021) that major American networks will hit 100% of sub-6GHz capacity in dense pockets within most major cities in 2023. Consequently, it is no surprise that US operators are at the forefront of mmWave rollouts. This momentum was greatly established with the introduction of the iPhone 12, where all four US versions of the device supported 5G NR mmWave bands.