Low-cost, high performance wireless technology

Multi-gigabit point-to-point links up to 25kms

Current Issue:

  • Mass deployment of 5G small cells requires both finer and wireless backhaul


  • 5G small cell backhaul
  • Backbone for unlicensed FWA networks


  • Free spectrum
  • Wide channels (2GHz), high capacity, low latency

802.11ad/ay is an ideal technology for multi-gigabit wireless backhaul. The technology is proven to provide multi-gigabit point-to-point links of up to 25km. The technology is a suitable replacement for fiber in 5G cell towers links, and for access point links in a fixed wireless network. Since the 60 GHz frequency band (V-band) is unlicensed, networks operations can use 802.11ad as a low-cost, high performance wireless technology for rapid deployment of wireless infrastructure.