Virtual worlds unleashed

Wireless Virtual Reality

Current Issue:

  • Cables degrade the VR experience
  • Exacerbated with multiple users


  • Replace wired VR tether with wireless link


  • Extremely high bandwidth
  • Interference-free band
  • Low latency

In 2020, AR/VR saw a material turning point in terms of consumer adoption, with the Oculus Quest 2 leading the way with over 1 millions units sold in Q4, 2020. Sony has announced the development of a VR headset for the PS5, and Microsoft has announced a $22B contract for the HoloLens with the US military. 5G mmwave is the ideal wireless technology to handle the demands of wireless AR/VR, with multi-gigabit capacity along with latency below 5ms. Peraso has been providing mmwave solutions for the VR market for several years, and holds several patents in the field.