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Peraso Demonstrates WiGig for Gaming and VR Applications at Computex 2017

Posted on May 25, 2017

Ultra fast, low latency, high bandwidth 60GHz WiGig® to power future VR / AR Wireless Headsets

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TORONTO, ON, May 25th, 2017 - Peraso Technologies Inc., a leader in Wireless Gigabit (WiGig®) chipsets, will be demonstrating a wireless gaming solution ideal for VR / AR applications, amongst numerous other 802.11ad applications, including 4K wireless display and Wi-Fi networking at Computex 2017. The demonstrations will be driven by Peraso's Wi-Fi CERTIFIED WiGigTM W110 USB 3.0 adapter and their W120 WiGig phased array chipset, both designed to help drive the WiGig Ecosystem forward with unprecedented speed and functionality.

With the growing demand for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, emphasis is now beginning to shift toward finding a wireless solution that will untether the headset from the PC. WiGig (802.11ad and the upcoming 802.11ay) technology is the immediate solution, providing the bandwidth, power and super low latency needed to make this application viable, on the uncongested 60 GHz band.

In addition to Wireless VR, the need for WiGig is becoming evident in a multitude of applications for both home and enterprise, and consumers will continue to see new products hit the market as the year progresses. Key applications include:

  • Wi-Fi Networking
  • Mobile Connectivity
  • Wireless Display and Docking
  • Wireless Gaming
  • 5G Fixed Wireless Access

“We're thrilled to be demonstrating such a large range of applications that can only be powered by WiGig technology," said Ron Glibbery, President and CEO of Peraso Technologies. "WiGig will continue to become fundamental in serving consumers as we push the boundaries of technology, especially in exciting new applications such as wireless VR/AR and Wi-Fi Networking."

Peraso is currently in production with WiGig IC solutions addressing both the consumer electronics market, as well as outdoor devices in the 60 GHz wireless infrastructure space, and recently announced their WiGig USB dongle for smartphone applications in February.

Peraso's WiGig chipsets and solutions will be on display at the Grand Hyatt, Computex 2017 - May 30th - 2nd. To arrange a private demonstration, please contact: Peraso will also be presenting at the Digitimes Mobile IoT Technology and Application Forum on May 31st, 2017.