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The Future of Home Wi-Fi is Fast, Expensive, Exotic

"This is the promise of WiGig. It’s sometimes described as the next generation of Wi-Fi, but that isn’t accurate. Until now, each new variant of Wi-Fi improved upon the last, but this one, known to nerds as 802.11ad, has a special purpose."

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While the State of VR Headsets is at a crawl today, the market is set to explode with vitality later this year

"Canada-based 60GHz WiGig (IEEE 802.11ad) wireless IC solution developer Peraso Technologies has been cooperating with many VR hardware makers to develop WiGig wireless VR devices including head-mounted displays, as well as WiGig-enabled games consoles, gaming PCs and notebooks, and USB Dongles."

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Peraso Looks to Provide the Connectivity Needed in a Wireless VR World

"Utilizing the 60 GHz band, the company says it boasts high speed connectivity and 'super low' latency required for a viable solution. So not a wireless add-on, but focusing on the system infastructure needed to power it."

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Peraso looks to scale WiGig technology over next 6 months

“Where Peraso fits is on the peripheral side, whether it be USB dongles or displays, supplying technology for an assortment of devices that attach to equipment like laptops.”

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