Wigig Networking

Superior wireless internet access
using the 60 GHz band

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Wireless Display

Real-time, low latency device to
display using the 60 GHz band

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Wigig Direct

Wireless backup and file transfer
between devices at USB 3.0 speeds

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Wireless VR

High quality, low latency, wireless
virtual reality using the 60 GHz band

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Wireless ISP

Long-haul 60 GHz broadband for
wireless service providers

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Wigig to the Home

High-speed 60 GHz residential
broadband, no fiber required

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Wigig Network Meshing

Next-generation wireless architecture
that eliminates the need for fiber

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High-speed data to our homes and devices using the 60 GHz band


Peraso’s consumer products are among the first to achieve the Wi-Fi Alliance’s new WiGig CERTIFIED™ designation. The multi-gigabit speed of WiGig 60 GHz chips allow us to completely rethink technologies still tethered to wires, such as virtual reality, media streaming, wireless back-up and video monitoring.

Legacy devices can even be upgraded with the Peraso WiGig USB Adapter.

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In the wireless broadband market, the 60 GHz band is viewed as a primary technology choice for small cell backhaul and wireless internet service providers. Peraso offers various 60 GHz products and solutions that can provide carriers with viable, cost effective options to traditional backhaul methods.

Peraso circuits deliver high-speed broadband to replace the costly need for fiber.

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One Platform, Many Solutions

Peraso’s world-class, 60 GHz IEEE802.11ad WiGig platform:
Real-time, low latency, wireless communication.

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Unleashing Wireless With an Intelligent Chipset

‘W’ Series Chips

Peraso’s ‘W’ series chips enable wireless data transfer in excess of 7 Gbits per second for consumer electronics. At those speeds, wireless 4k displays become possible, as does wireless data storage and SuperSpeed USB Wi-Fi adapters.

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‘X’ Series Chips

Peraso’s ‘X’ series chips were the world’s first production WiGig solution for the infrastructure market. They enable rapid deployment of wireless networks in most major geographic markets, compliant with the WiGig 1.3 and 802.11ad specifications.

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Peraso Demonstrates WiGig for Gaming and VR Applications at Computex 2017

May 25, 2017

Ultra fast, low latency, high bandwidth 60GHz WiGig® to power future VR / AR Wireless Headsets Download PDF Here TORONTO, ON, May 25th, 2017 – Peraso Technologies Inc., a leader in Wireless Gigabit (WiGig®) chipsets, will be demonstrating a wireless gaming solution ideal for VR / AR applications, amongst numerous other 802.11ad applications, including 4K wireless […]

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Peraso Launches 802.11ad Reference Design for Smartphone Applications

February 17, 2017

Peraso Technologies, Inc. introduced today the first mobile WiGig USB adapter reference design, utilizing their W120 phased array chipset. The reference design is the world’s first and only solution for smartphone vendors to add 802.11ad capability through a USB connector.

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Peraso Gets Ready to Take VR Wireless at Computex 2017

May 23, 2017


Network World Takes a Closer Look at 802.11ay

March 28, 2017